Monday, 23 October 2017

Best of USA democracy and USA people's helping spirit on display at hurricane relief concert

Presidents Obama, Bush, Clinton, Carter Speak At Deep From The Heart Hurricane Relief Concert,, 11 min 2 secs.

5 ex-presidents attend hurricane relief concert; Trump appears in video message,, 22nd Oct. 2017

Ravi: It was wonderful to see 5 former presidents on stage, from both Republican and Democratic parties, united in their promotion of hurricane relief, and to award 5 USA citizens/residents (through the "Points of Light" program) for their outstanding contribution to the relief work in the recent hurricane disasters that struck the USA.

President Trump's video message for this concert was also very good: Special Message from President Trump,, 1 min. 54 secs.

All in all, given the vicious verbal attacks between presidential candidates that we saw in the 2016 USA election campaign, it is wonderful to see 6 living USA presidents come together and speak in such a positive and vigorous way to help the hurricane disaster affected in USA.

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