Saturday, 18 November 2017

Hats off to Leeann Tweeden for speaking up courageously and articulately about her experience of inappropriate sexual behaviour by USA Senator Al Franken

This video, Franken accuser speaks to CNN (full interview),, 33 min 19 secs, published by CNN on 16th Nov. 2017, is a must-see video for those who are interested in combating culture of sexual abuse of women (and men, at times) in the workplace by men in powerful positions.

Leeann Tweeden speaks so honestly and so articulately about her experience, about how she felt about it over the years, why she came out in the open now, and about how she has accepted Senator Franken's apology as she felt it is honest and heart-felt. Tweeden also clarifies that she is not interested in Franken being removed from the Senate.

Tweeden, who is a radio talk show host, answers CNN host Jake Tapper's exhaustive questions very well. I admire her honesty, courage, fair-mindedness and desire to do something to combat the sexual abuse culture.

I think this video should be recommended watching for working women worldwide, including those in India, (with translations to other languages), as it may inspire them to better combat any sexual abuse that they may face, or have faced. Perhaps it may not be a bad idea to have working men also see such videos as part of their training in job ethics so that they know how awful a woman feels when they abuse her, and also realize that they may face severe punishment like their career nosediving if they indulge in such stuff.

Hats off to Leeann Tweeden for speaking out so well. And thanks to CNN and Jake Tapper for hosting the interview and publishing the video on youtube for anybody on the Internet to watch for free.

I am sure that Leeann Tweeden and the many other courageous women in the recent past who have come out in the open about such experiences that they have had, are making big contributions to making the world a better place. Tweeden says in the interview that she has two children: a two year old and a four year old, one boy and one girl. I am quite sure that what Tweeden has done will help make the world a better place for her two children as well as other children when they grow up [Tapper says something similar in the interview].

Bravo Leeann Tweeden! May God bless you and your loved ones for your courage and your whistle-blowing to help combat culture of sexual abuse in the workplace.

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