Sunday, 20 May 2018

Some states in USA allow civilians to shoot machine guns even if they cannot buy those machine guns

Here's a relevant billboard advertisement:

Here's the website of one firm based in Orlando (Florida, USA) which seems to have the name, 'Machine Gun America':

Ravi: Given the mass shooting incidents in the USA where so many innocent people, including school kids, are being killed by crazies with some such crazies being school kids themselves, I find such advertisements about machine guns aimed at USA civilians, to be very frightening.

Now guns for protecting oneself and for hunting etc. are another thing. But machine guns, at least to my mind, brings up images of war movies with the machine gun being used to slaughter human beings. And, very, very unfortunately, it brings back horrendous memories of videos of the recent past slaughter in Las Vegas, USA where machine guns were used from a higher floor hotel room to slaughter innocent country music concert goers.

Very worrying state of affairs in the USA, IMHO.

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