Saturday, 27 January 2018

Michael Wolff should name the lady he claims is having an affair with President Trump; Nikki Haley should sue Wolff for defamation if he names her

Nikki Haley calls rumours of affair with Donald Trump ‘disgusting’ and ‘offensive’,, 27th Jan. 2018

I am making an exception from being on a break on publicly sharing/writing about USA politics.

I don't know whether the book author Michael Wolff was alleging that it was UN Ambassador Nikki Haley who was having an affair with USA president Trump.

But whoever the person Wolff may have in mind, the book author Wolff has contributed to this horrendous poison WITHOUT ANY EVIDENCE, being inserted into USA President  Trump's work with his ambassador to the United Nations, Nikki Haley.

What a horrible thing to allege WITHOUT EVIDENCE! I wish Ambassador Nikki Haley all the best in her efforts to clear her name from this vicious and unsubstantiated poison. Note that she is a married lady with two children.

I think the author Michael Wolff should have the courage to state the name of the person he claims he is sure is having an affair with President Trump. And if the name is not Nikki Haley, I think Michael Wolff owes an apology to Nikki Haley for the terrible slur that got cast on her because of his book.

And if Wolff does name the person as Nikki Haley, I think Nikki Haley should sue Wolff for defamation in a USA court of law.

If Micheal Wolff does not name the person at all, then he should be condemned for having poisoned the White House atmosphere for the ladies who are working there, by making these UNSUBSTANTIATED allegations about USA President Trump having an affair.

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