Saturday, 30 June 2018

Heartening news on renewable power front from India as per The Guardian, which is good for climate change problem

India's huge solar ambitions could push coal further into shade,, 30th June 2018

Ravi: This is really heartening to note, coming from a UK newspaper. I do recall that some years earlier perhaps around 2012 as I was catching up with world events and issues after Sathya Sai bodily passing away in April 2011, I saw that global warming/climate change was being flagged as the big, big danger to the entire world. And in that scenario, India's industrial and societal growth and its plan to use more coal for the electric power needed by that growth was viewed as a major major threat to the world's efforts to combat global warming/climate change. I felt quite bad about that. Indian government was talking about 'clean coal' but mainstream media articles, especially from USA, were not so positive about supposedly clean 'clean coal' and argued for NO coal instead of clean coal.

And now in June 2018 when the USA has pulled away from the world's efforts to combat climate change, it is so refreshing to know that solar and wind power industry is providing much cheaper energy which has made India switch to solar and wind as a key source for its growing energy needs!

Good to hear this positive news on the vital issue of climate change.

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