Thursday, 20 November 2014

Horrendous happenings in London in the 80s; No large country seems to have high moral standard record

I visited London on two separate weekend visits in the 80s (from Brussels where I was stationed for a year+ software assignment), and was under the impression that the stuff reported below about child abuse & murder in the 80s, was impossible among the honourable top echelons of power in Britain - MPs & judges. [Such stuff happening at much lower levels in the power hierarchy and among criminals is a different matter - that would not be viewed as impossible.] I thought such stuff, at top echelons of power, happened only in poor third-world countries like India in the 80s with some top politicans being viewed as very dangerous people.

Please note that the main victim mentioned in the reports below is a child of an Indian origin family.

This, if true, is as bad as, or worse than, what Muammar Gaddafi is alleged to have done with young girls that he liked. But he did not kill them, I believe. He "simply" appropriated them for his harem, it is reported. A few years ago, I would have found it very hard to believe that an advanced country like UK had elected MPs and judges (in the 80s) who indulged in such monstrous evil. But my extensive reading/viewing of material related to very powerful people in various parts of the world, in the past few years, has exposed me to some horrendous, not just extravagant, lifestyles of some of the super-rich and super-powerful in various parts of the world.

I guess, human evil and human failings were, and are, not so different in materially advanced Western countries and materially developing countries like India. No large country, whether materially developed, developing or under-developed, seems to have the record to claim a high moral standard.

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