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French President Emmanuel Macron's short Thank you and 'Choose France' video message to Indians; Macron visit to Benaras and Taj Mahal

Facebook video post of French President Emmanuel Macron,, 1 min. 40 secs, 12th March 2018.
Accompanying text: Thank you India, #ChooseFrance!

Above pic is a screenshot from the above Facebook video.
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I have given below a transcript of his video:
[President of France, Emmanuel Macron:] I am finishing my trip in India. We are now in Benaras before leaving and flying back to Paris. I just wanted to thank you. Thank you India. Thanks for the three days in Delhi, in Taj Mahal and today in Benaras. We spent, with my wife, three marvellous days and I wanted to thank the Prime Minister, Prime Minister Modi for the very warm welcome. We worked very hard. We decided strategy partnership. New decisions from security, economic, energy and environment point of view. We launched the international solar alliance which is a very great achievement at this stage - but the beginning of the achievement.

And I discovered India, I have to say. I want to tell you how emotional it was for me to be with you during the three days. To spend hours with your young people in Delhi and to be with you in Benaras today. So Thank you India and I just wanted to convey a last message.

Choose France. Young people, young students, entrepreneurs, academics, researchers, Indian leaders - Choose France. You're very, very much welcome. And I would be very proud to make my country, the entry point for you in Europe, and to be the long-term strategic partner for you. Thank you India and choose France. B-bye!
--- end transcript of remarks of French President Macron ---

I shared the above Facebook post here:, with the following share-comment:

Lovely short video (less than 2 minutes) from French president Emmanuel Macron thanking India and inviting Indians to 'choose France' as their entry point into Europe.

I put up the following comment on this post of the French president:
Wonderful message. Much appreciated. Thank you so much sir for your visit to India, your country's co-operation with India on so many fronts, and your welcome to Indians to 'Choose France'.

Your leadership, sir, at the global level in fighting climate change, and promoting solar energy, free trade and an inclusive world, as well as supporting the global security order to prevent hegemony of any country, is much appreciated. All the best for success in those efforts.

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Given below are some pics and captions from French president's visit to Benaras with PM Modi, and also the French President's visit to the Taj Mahal.

[Prime Minster Modi:] Glimpses from the boat journey with President Emmanuel Macron.

Caption and pics courtesy:, 12th March 2018

Ravi: I shared the above Facebook post here: with the following share-comment:
Great to see French President Macron get on this boat ride in one of the holiest sites in Hinduism in India. As a Hindu and as an Indian citizen, I very much appreciate this gesture of French President Emmanuel Macron [Facebook-tagged Emmanuel Macron].

[French President Emmanuel Macron (original message auto-translated to English):] The Taj Mahal belongs to India and its history, love story in the heart of the 17th century. He says the share of moghols and Islam, but he also testifies to the universal share that has made india and continues to do so.
Thank you for this lesson of kindness, love and universal.

[The original French message:] Le Taj Mahal appartient à l’Inde et à son histoire, histoire d’amour au cœur du 17ᵉ siècle. Il dit la part des Moghols et de l’islam, mais il témoigne aussi de la part d’universel qui a fait l’Inde et continue à le faire.
Merci pour cette leçon de bonté, d’amour et d’universel.

Above caption and pics courtesy:, 11th March 2018

[I thank Facebook IDs of French President Emmanuel Macron and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi whose post-links have been given above and have presumed that they will not have any objections to me sharing the above pics, video-transcript and captions from their posts, on this blog post which is freely viewable by all, and does not have any financial profit motive whatsoever.]

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