Monday, 12 March 2018

Controlling/managing breathing problems related to occupational hazards (e.g. dentists), allergies and pollution

Dentists keep dying of this lung disease. The CDC can’t figure out why.,

Hmm. Occupational hazards! The key lies in knowing what materials cause the problem and how to protect oneself with protective breathing gear (more than simple surgical face-mask) when having to use such materials.

Some info. about my own breathing related health issues which perhaps may be of some use to others who face similar issues. One of the health issues I have is shortness of breath at times which one doctor a decade ago, had diagnosed as Early COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) but which diagnosis was contested by other doctors. However, I have a history of smoking for about ten years (and have been assessed as my lungs being indicative of smokers' lungs), and have suffered from bronchial asthma in my childhood. I also suffer from allergic rhinitis - an ENT issue. So my respiratory system is not in that great a shape.

Controlling/managing the problem involves understanding what I am allergic to and what tends to trigger shortness of breath episodes (e.g. I have dust allergy which has rather immediate impact on me; I also get impacted by vehicular exhaust pollution in areas like congested roads).

I need to do some exploration of breathing protecting gear. I have used simple surgical face-masks in dusty environments but hesitate to use it on the roads outside where there may be significant levels of pollution at times. Further, the simple surgical face-mask may not help much in cutting out chemical irritants that I am allergic to. I think charcoal filter type face-masks will be more effective in such places.

Of course, medication helps and so does Jala Neti (for those who don't know what it is:, around 4 mins), steam inhalation, deep breathing (Pranayama type) exercises etc.

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