Thursday, 21 December 2017

USA President Trump and Republican members of Congress victory lap video after tax cuts bill is passed in House and Senate

With Tax Overhaul, Trump Fulfills a Campaign Promise and Flexes Republican Muscle,, 20th Dec. 2017

The article has a 35 minute embeded video of USA President Trump and members of Congress who played a lead role in getting the bill passed through both the House and Senate, gathered together and facing what may be a significant number of supporters, on the White House lawns. It is a victory lap video even though the bill's formal signing into law by President Trump had not been done at that time. [I don't think that signing has been done as of now - 9.15 AM, 21st Dec. 2017, Indian Standard Time.]

The video presents a Republican majority in House and Senate that are solidly supportive of President Trump. Trump received effusive praise from all those (other than Trump himself) who spoke in this video, including Vice-President Mike Pence, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, House speaker Paul Ryan, House Majority Leader Keven McCarthy, Tax (or related) committee chairmen in Senate and House - Orrin Hatch and Kevin Brady, as well as Alaskan members of Congress including Senator Lisa Murkowski (the bill opens up areas in Alaska for oil and gas exploration that had earlier been protected from such industrial activities).

This seems to be the same event on youtube which seems to have been taken from White House video feed: MUST WATCH: President Donald Trump VICTORY Speech on HISTORIC Tax Cuts Bill HR1,, 39 min. 22 secs.

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