Thursday, 14 December 2017

Chris Gayle's batting dominance in BPL final brings back memories of West Indies batting dominance in their heyday

Chris Gayle hammering 18 sixes in 2017 BPL final, around 5 mins,

Chris Gayle's awesome batting dominance brings back memories of the heyday of West Indies' batting dominance (besides bowling dominance) over world cricket during my cricket fan days. Clive Lloyd (his build was like Chris Gayle's build), Vivian Richards (greater batsman but build and sheer power wise I think Lloyd was bigger and so Lloyd's hits perhaps were bigger than Richards typically (I don't have that clear a recollection though)), Roy Fredricks (he took the Aussie fast bowers apart in Perth in an unforgettable fashion scoring a century in the only match they won in the series; they lost the series to Australia) and Gordon Greenidge. Alvin Kallicharan was a force to reckon with but I don't think I would put him in a batting dominance category like the four batsmen mentioned earlier. These four could tear apart test match level bowling sides.

Clive Lloyd scored 242 not out, if I recall correctly, in a match in Bombay/Mumbai against India, part of which match I saw live in the stadium - I saw just one day of the match in the stadium and Clive Lloyd did not bat at that time. Lloyd tore into the Indian bowling then which included India's famous spin bowlers like Bedi and Venkatraghavan (don't recall if Chandra and Prasanna played that match). The West Indies, to my grave disappointment then :-), crushed India to a defeat in that Bombay test.

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