Thursday, 26 October 2017

Hilarious video of Kim Jong Un impersonator walking through New York City

I thoroughly enjoyed this Kim Jong Un impersonator in New York city video. Around 7 mins: The guy also walks into "The Trump Building" (not Trump Tower) and asks "Have you seen Donald Trump"? What a fantastic way to lighten the crazy nuclear heat, only for a few minutes though, that's been built up between USA President Trump and North Korean President Kim Jong-Un!

I enjoyed the reactions of some NYC folks in this video. Like the African-American lady in the Harlem hairdressing salon telling the impersonator to have Dennis Rodman with him. The impersonator's colleague (acting like the supreme leader's assistant) says, "He came here to find him. They are going to play some basketball tonight." [For readers who do not know about it: Dennis Rodman is an African-American retired professional basketball player, who has visited North Korea and met Kim Jong Un, with their meetings being well publicized.]

Lots of laughter! Somehow, I have always felt very much at home and comfortable whenever I have been in New York city (many times but a few decades ago). I found NYC and its residents to be quite similar in their attitude and spirit to Mumbai, the city that I was born and bred in.

This video has made my day!

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