Wednesday, 13 July 2016

List of posts of this Misc blog with autobiographical content

A few weeks ago I had put up a rather hurriedly written partial autobiography kind of document; see the post, An Indian Software Techie's (My) Material and Spiritual Journey So Far (till Sept. 2002),, dated June 20th 2016.

The question that popped up was what about the period from Oct. 2002 to now. I don't know when I will get around to that. However, over the past few years I had written some blog posts with autobiographical content which included the period Oct. 2002 to now. I decided to go through the rather simple task of going through the posts of this blog (Ravi S. Iyer: Misc. Topics) and listing out the ones that have autobiographical content. That list is given below. I think I have got most, maybe all, of the posts of this blog with autobiographical content as of today (13th July 2016) in this list but I cannot rule out the possibility of having missed out some.

List of posts with partial or mainly autobiographical type content

1) Challenges involved for neighbourhood cleaning activity in Puttaparthi when done individually,, Nov. 2014

2) Why I was very happy to see US President Obama as Chief Guest at India's Republic day function,, Jan. 2015

3) Sealed Lead-Acid Battery (Home) PC UPS seems to be bad for slightly weak lungs and allergic rhinitis patients like me,, Feb. 2015

4) My memories of the 1993 Bombay/Mumbai serial bomb blasts,, July 2015

5) Photo and message about Dr. Manmohan Singh presenting famous 1991 liberalization budget,, July 2015

6) My neutral political science self-study student stand in USA presidential election posts,, Aug. 2015

7) How Russia helped India by blocking USA Seventh Fleet in 1971 Bangladesh liberation war; Nixon-Kissinger discussions on the war,, Sept. 2015

8) "Ruining people is considered sport" - Brutal reality of Politics in USA & India; Spiritual org. politics,, Oct. 2015

9) A Western foreigner in Puttaparthi implies that "regular Indians" are cheats; Was my reaction appropriate?,, Jan. 2016

10) Admire John Kasich for telling it like it is (was) about Tiananmen square protests (of 1989), in contrast to Donald Trump's remarks,, Mar. 2016

11) Why am I politically neutral in my public social media posts & comments?,, March 2016

12) World needs caring & compassionate capitalism instead of ruthless & predatory capitalism,, April 2016

13) Dr. Manmohan Singh on the days, 25 years ago, when India was pulled back from economic disaster and put on path to economic recovery,, July 2016 

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